Hi there! I’m Anastasiia,
and I help bring clarity to your business and create impactful products for scale

Hi there! I’m Anastasiia,
and I help bring clarity to business and create products for scale

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As a Senior Product Designer in collaboration with managers, engineers, and designers I help improve large-scale systems, customer satisfaction, collaboration, and culture by integrating CX and UX into processes and teams.

My superpowers are conquering complexity, holistic thinking, and well-structured deliverables.

Currently, at simplesurance I lead the design of the core experience systems for the cross-selling of the platform's products and make sure this expands systematically into all touchpoints. 

Over the last 7 years, I have helped design and optimize digital products for small and mature tech startups in Insurtech, E-commerce, and BI.

I believe design serves people and businesses as the strategic tool that gives creativity direction and value.

I focus on delivering impact through informed design, individually-crafted strategies, the culture of collaboration, and empathy – not only toward users but with stakeholders and business too.

The way it works

The way it works

00 Listen & Learn Where we are, what have we learned so far, what are our capabilities and capacity. Participate in workshops to create a common vision, product strategy, and goals of a user experience project.

01 Discover Analyze, apply, interpret evidence from a variety of sources, and visualize the compelling insights. Create design rules that make the foundation for concrete, valuable ideas. 

02 Define Take a holistic look at the system within which the interaction will take place. Involve, align, and guide the team to create an open-minded approach to what we can conceive. The outcome of ideation is a solid number of good ideas and a shared understanding of what the product and the service could be. 

03 Refine There are several different ways to see if an idea is working or not. We will know we are right/wrong when we see the following feedback. Qualitative and/or quantitative feedback and/or key performance indicator change.

04 Develop A holistic, systemic approach to optimizing the system rather than isolated parts is imperative. Ensure the solution meets required product guidelines and legal requirements, and serves the company's interest while also meeting the customers’ needs in the best way possible.

05 Deliver After prioritizing our target group’s wishes, as well as the engineering delivery possibilities, start creating a roadmap for the future of the product. Complete design and produce deliverables.

Working at simplesurance,
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